If you work in emergency planning or crisis management, when the unexpected happens it’s often too late to make plans there and then. No one can fully prevent incidents from happening but with a well-structured management system in place you can limit the damage, take care of those involved and ultimately reduce the impact on your business, during both daily operations and emergency events.

CIM is Europe’s leading software for incident and emergency management professionals and provides a comprehensive platform to plan for, manage and review incidents and emergencies in a structured and user-friendly environment.


Companies spend millions each year ensuring that they are ready to respond to anything that hits them. CIM gives you the tools you need to create and maintain a preparedness framework that’s accessible wherever you are, whenever you need it:

  • Embed plans and checklists for different roles and incident types- daily use as well as emergency management
  • Set plan owners and create reminders for when they need updating
  • Create duty rosters for on-call personnel
  • Regulate who is qualified to hold key response positions


Information management is key to an efficient response process and in today’s interconnected world, having the facts at your fingertips informs decision critical making. CIM can be configured to match the flow of information through your organisation and ensure that key information is not missed when you need it most. Our clients use CIM to:

  • Log day to day and more serious events, keeping track of what’s impacting your business
  • Notify your team using email, SMS, voice and push notifications
  • Keep a full, chronological log of incident information in real-time
  • Access your checklist on all your devices and assign tasks
  • Handle casualties and next-of-kin enquiries
  • Conduct and record crisis team meetings
  • Manage the media


Do you have a clear and complete record of information you received, decisions you made and actions you took during the time that your team was mobilised? Increasing regulation, accountability and litigation means that it is more important than ever to use the information you gather during an incident. CIM customers can:

  • Retrieve a time-stamped, incorruptible record of every interaction they have during a response
  • Search for specific cases
  • Filter between certain types and categories of information
  • Review the response on a timeline and recommend improvements
  • Compile and distribute customisable reporting templates (e.g. HAZMAT)

Secure Access – Whenever and Wherever

Crises often hit when we least expect it, therefore it is important that any tools we use are accessible and secure, 24/7. CIM can be accessed from any internet enabled device, including smart phones and tablets, for which we also provide a mobile app for easy authentication. As a software provider for local and national government, energy, aviation and critical national infrastructure, we operate strict internal and external quality and security policies.

Flexible, Scalable Solution

We pride ourselves on the flexibility and scalability of CIM. Customers can pick and choose which modules suit their objectives best and each of these is highly configurable to ensure a smooth transition from your previous process to efficient digital preparedness. We help organisations of all sizes to meet the challenge of being prepared to respond and we would be delighted to provide a free consultation on how CIM can help you.

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