Your information security – our priority!  

Security is central to all our daily routines. 

We guarantee:

Confidentiality and integrity 

  • Our solutions are maintained by F24 Nordics, supported by a dedicated partner 
  • We own, secure, and control all our servers and infrastructure. CIM runs on geographically separate and secure data centres in Norway – no information is stored in any commercial cloud service 
  • We, our customers, and our partners regularly test the security of our solutions 
  • Customer installations are separate from each other. The customer alone controls access to contents and information 
  • Communication between the user and CIM is encrypted
  • Upgrades are carried out seamlessly and as agreed upon by the customer


  • We monitor all CIM installations 24/7/365 
  • We can deliver level 2 EMP protection and resilience  
  • We provide 24/7/365 support for service interruptions and a dedicated crisis team that will handle more significant nonconformities and incidents 
  • We continuously monitor our servers and infrastructure  
  • We take backups of all data daily, and the information is stored on several geographical locations 
  • All hardware components come from reputable suppliers  

Our quality and security management system

We live as we preach – and use CIM to manage our own quality and security processes.   

F24 employees, our dedicated IT supplier, and select partners, who have a defined need, have national security clearance at the relevant level.

Our certifications and clearances cover all our activities and our quality assurance system.   


ISO 9001 and 27001 and Achilles JQS 

F24 Nordics AS’ quality and information management system is certified according to ISO 9001 and 27001. The certification is a result of a long-term focus on our quality and management system, CIM, and came about because customers requested proof of quality of our products and services. In addition, we are Achilles JQS certified.

Why ISO certification?  

To become ISO certified means that we comply with an internationally renowned certificate. Regular revisions ensures that our management systems are monitored and maintained. Third party objective assessments make you less likely to remain at status quo but keep considering improvements in your work processes.  

What does the ISO certificate mean for you?  

For us the ISO certificate is part of our efforts to increase the quality and security in everything we do. Increased quality of our products and services benefits our customers. We always strive to safeguard your information in the best possible way and in accordance with regulations. It is also our responsibility to establish routines that maintain our obligations to our individual customers. You can feel safe as a customer of F24! 

ISO 9001: Quality management requirements

An ISO 9001 certificate guarantees that the quality management system complies with best practice. The certification is carried out by an independent third party and serves as proof that we have introduced internal routines that are necessary to be able to fulfil our obligations. 

Confirmation of our ISO 9001 certification can be sent upon request.

ISO 27001: Information security management requirements  

An ISO 27001 certificate guarantees that the information security management system complies with best practice. The certification is carried out by and independent third party and serves as proof that we have introduced the measures that are necessary to protect sensitive information from unauthorised access and changes.  

Confirmation of our ISO 27001 certification can be sent upon request.

Achilles JQS 

Achilles JQS is a cost-effective certification for the offshore industry, where suppliers are prequalified for delivering goods and services to operators and main contractors in Norway and Denmark. Our Achilles certificate is renewed on an annual basis.  

Confirmation of our certification with Achilles can be sent upon request.

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