Environment Health and Safety in CIM

Preventing accidents from happening is less expensive than handling them when they occur.

How does your organisation report and handle accidents? What are the consequences of large and small inventory discrepancies? How quickly are your managers notified when a security breach occurs? How do you document and follow-up on environment health and safety nonconformities? Having well-defined and traceable processes is important if you want to handle nonconformities professionally and make changes that reduce risks in the future.

The ability to learn from your mistakes increases if you have a good system for handling problems and focus on developing a common health and safety culture in your organisation. This helps you discover, report and follow-up on nonconformities. 

To prevent accidents from happening, you should:

  • Be prepared, know the relevant requirements, both within your organisation and from the authorities
  • Encourage an environment health and safety culture in your organisation
  • Make sure you have a good system for reporting and tracking nonconformities
  • Include all known nonconformities in your organisation’s risk analysis
  • Learn from your mistakes – a nonconformity is a possibility to never make the same mistake again


CIM has tools for reporting, tracking, documenting, and closing nonconformities and unwanted incidents. The system provides a comprehensive approach to your organisation’s environment health and safety work. You can monitor processes, and the system is available for employees that need to access it, independent of time and place.

You can generate and distribute reports from the system. It is easy to design your reports, you can generate simple and advanced nonconformity reports, and they can include texts, numbers, and charts. Quality and nonconformity management can also be linked with a survey module which enables you send out queries to individuals and groups. Among other, this can help you measure employee satisfaction after new measures have been introduced or to collect suggestions during an ongoing process.

Nonconformity statuses can be published on information boards. This gives you an overview and helps you prioritize and define further actions. 

Documentation is key when it comes to learning. With CIM, environment health and safety processes and meetings can be documented and distributed with a user-friendly meeting module. Notes and minutes can be written in CIM during meetings and provide an instant record of participants, decisions, and tasks. Subsequently, as tasks are carried out, the minutes are automatically updated so you can keep track of progress and status.

You can make individual agendas for each meeting or create predefined agenda templates to ensure coherence in a series of meetings.

Advantages with using CIM as an environment health and safety system:

  • Gives a good overview
  • Saves time on documentation
  • You can share relevant information with your organisation
  • Increases knowledge and awareness
  • Boosts confidence
  • Simplifies onboarding of new employees
  • Clarifies responsibilities and roles in your organisation

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