Quality and security in CIM

We all want to achieve good results and avoid making the same mistakes. An organisation’s ability to learn and improve depends on good quality and security routines and structures.

Broadly speaking, a quality system should document how your organisation should work and how processes are interlinked. Who does what in your organisation? Who is responsible and who has the authority to make decisions in any given situation? Well-structured processes increase customer satisfaction and increase employee efficiency.

CIM is a comprehensive and flexible system for quality, safety and emergency preparedness that provides information, creates control and overview. This provides security and credibility, and strengthens and simplifies decision-making.

A good quality system should make it easier to:

  • Comply with internal and external requirements
  • Offer services consistently and predictably
  • Communicate efficiently
  • Prevent mistakes and accidents
  • Exchange knowledge between employees and reduce costs
  • Reduce the risk for employee mistakes

Use CIM to:

  • Describe and visualise your organisation’s work processes, procedures and routines
  • Create and maintain checklists and templates that ensure consistency in processes
  • Integrate with other systems, such as your internal network, to make procedures and routines available at all times
  • Keep an automatically generated change log for all documents. Access to read and edit documents can be set as low as the individual document
  • Report, follow up, document and close nonconformities and improvement suggestions
  • Manage, document and distribute environment health and safety processes and meetings
  • Generate statistics and reports
  • Create and distribute surveys to individuals or groups of people
  • Trust that your data is always stored securely and available

Having good quality assurance routines and processes helps keep your information, property, and values safe.

CIM helps you combine quality assurance and security issues and contributes to confidence in your and your employees’ work.

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