When an incident occurs, in many cases it is likely that you will need to use technology to quickly send and receive alerts.

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This might be for several reasons:

  • To mobilise an emergency response or crisis management team
  • To warn and inform employees, stakeholders or customers about an adverse event
  • To establish the status of those who might have been affected by an incident
  • To quickly ascertain the location of certain employees

CIM’s Messaging module uses puch notification, email, SMS and text-to-voice functionality that gives you the power to perform all the tasks above and more. Pre-defined templates enable you to send customised, accurate communications at the touch of a button, which can be based on for example, incident type or location. The flexibility of the tool allows recipients (both internal and external) to be added or removed as required, even if they are not registered in the system.

Multi-channel notification ensures that if the incident occurs outside of office hours, the chance of your team remembers receiving information is greatly increased. It also allows you to set up response profiles, whereby recipients can:

  • Email a response back into the system
  • Send a push notification and/or SMS to a dedicated number, which will then be displayed in the system
  • Click a link in an email or SMS to provide their ETA at the crisis management facility
  • Acknowledge or respond to a text-to-voice message by pressing a defined number on the keypad
  • Provide their location during a geographically sensitive incident

Should a conference call with the crisis management team be necessary, the system can also initiate this, automatically dialling people in.

Whatever the size of your business, CIM’s flexible Message module ensures that you have the tools you need to communicate effectively with staff and stakeholders at all levels. As an added bonus, this can all be done on your mobile!

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