The CIM App lets you access your CIM installation from whenever, and where ever you are, as long as you have access to a data network. Log in with a code, fingerprint or Face ID.

CIM app

Download the app to your smart phone or tablet, to have access all around the world. The access from mobile units occurs via the browser on the device, not via the app. The application only handles the login. This is cruital to maintain the high level of security that CIM delivers and require. No additional installations or changes to the user’s browser are required. The connection to CIM is encrypted.

To use the application you have to have CIM Mobile enabled in your intallation. CIM Mobile uses a framework that is tested and supported by the major suppliers of mobile phone browsers. The app is available for Apple and Andrioid users in App Store and Google Play. 

Read more about CIM Mobil here.

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