Information board

When managing an incident, there are often many things to be done at the same time and there may be many people involved with different functions and tasks.


There may also be many enquiries from the outside world to be handled and information from the site of the incident, those involved, questions from media, vendors and next of kin. As a result, it can be difficult to distinguish between important and unimportant information.

To combat this, we developed the Information Boards module within CIM, which allows you as a business to create custom views of information you have entered into the system. This is commonly used by our clients to display information on projectors or smartboards within the emergency/crisis management room.

Typical examples of information boards used include:

  • Log items categorised by flag e.g. information relating to people, environment, assets and reputation
  • Not started, started and executed tasks
  • Events and priorities log
  • Casualties/NOK statistics
  • Released press statements

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