Next of Kin (NOK) Module

In conjunction with the Personnel on Location module, the NOK module provides a set of tools for managing the information relating to those affected by an incident and those calling the organisation to enquire about colleagues, friends and relatives.

berørte personer

The module is made up of four key components:

  • Callers- those who are calling either to enquire about a person of concern, or those who are calling to let the organisation know that they are ok
  • Affected personnel
  • Next of kin reply
  • Call monitoring

These modules work together to form a complete solution for managing incoming and outgoing communication relating to persons affected by the incident. Callers can be linked to persons affected and a full audit trail of communication is held within each person’s record- this ensures that should a person submit two enquiries, they will not be duplicated.

It is vital that your team is able to keep in touch with next of kin and affected persons have an overview of communication. Users with the relevant permissions can follow up requests from NOK, send multiple notifications at the same time, publish information to web pages and ultimately build a status update of each person affected.

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