In managing an incident, time is often a critical factor. With an updated contact database, you will not spend precious time getting an overview of who you can contact about what, who can be used as a resource, who needs what information, and so on.


The Contacts module maintains updated contact information for contacts, users, and resources. These are the basics of a management system and make data available for rapid mobilization, notification and information to participants and parties in an incident.

CIM allows you to easily import contact information from external sources, such as employee lists or other systems that handle this. LDAP, CSV, XML, XLSX / XLS are supported in addition to direct import from Microsoft Active Directory (AD).  

Using CIM, you can maintain a variety of registries with organisations, contacts, and other relevant information.

  • Organisations and Departments
  • CIM has an organisation registry, where each entity (an organisation or department) can be registered with organisational structure with subordinate departments, contact information, persons, and resources belonging to the entity. You can also view other types of information related to the organisation
  • Contacts and users
  • In CIM you can register contacts and users. A contact is registered with contact information, so that he / she can be included as a participant in activities and assignments, or added as a recipient for alerts. A user also has a username and password so that he / she can log in to CIM. A user can be assigned one or more roles in the installation, which is used as access control in CIM

  • Press Register
  • Press contacts are registered with contact information in the media management modules that form a press register as part of the CIM contact register
  • Next of kin
  • Contact information about next of kin can be registered and maintained in CIM

Users, contacts, press contacts, organisations, and departments can be added as CIM notification recipients – manually or by creating custom distribution lists ready for use.

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