Distribution list

By predefining distribution lists – notification, mobilization or distribution of information can be done quickly.

Can you in advance imagine groups of people that you will need to get in touch with, it would be advisable to create distribution lists.

Examples may be your own top management team and or crisis management, employees, next of kin, and backup resources. What about authorities, partners and suppliers, maybe defined in a separate project? Customers or groups of other stakeholders you know in advance will be affected, need information or you to get in touch with – it will be time-saving and easy to define in distribution lists.

In the distribution lists module, you can include users, contacts, and organizations. A distribution list can also consist of a combination of multiple distribution lists. The lists can, for example, be used to send messages, information, questions or invitations to activities or events.

Updating a contact with new information will automatically update the distribution lists.

A distribution list can be submitted to document management and assigned to an accountant, editor and co-editor. Access to a distribution list can be restricted so that only specific roles or a particular organisation in your installation can use and manage it.

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