Crisis situations have the habit of ignoring normal business hours. They can occur at the worst possible points in time –during the night, during your vacation or during a storm.

In most cases, when an incident occurs, you have to do one or more of the following: Alert and inform employees, call for external resources, pass important information to customers and suppliers, arrange critical meetings and telephone conferences.

Using predefined distribution lists and mail templates ensures that the right information reaches the necessary recipients in a matter of seconds. CIM is available on all mobile platforms, and you can easily mobilise your crisis management team on your phone, away from the office.

CIM can be used to pass on information both externally and internally, to individuals or groups of people, and the system keeps track of who received what information. You can send information by e-mail, SMS, push, voice message and in telephone conferences. Recipients can be added manually before sending the message, or by using predefined distribution lists. You can also ask recipients to respond to the message and monitor the responses as they are fed back into CIM.

The e-mail module makes it possible to receive e-mails directly in CIM. Access to a mailbox can be restricted to specific roles or users or can be given to groups of users. You can activate automatic logging of e-mails, for instance e-mails received from specific e-mail addresses.

You can enter an e-mail directly into the incident log, forward it to contacts, resources, organisations, and distribution lists that need the information. You can also register an e-mail as media related, enter it into the media log and register your response.

CIM e-mail offers:

  • Quick and simple handling of e-mails
  • Predefined mail templates and distribution lists
  • Tools for monitoring and updating lists
  • Overview of incoming responses
  • Automatic logging of all mails
  • Access from mobile platforms everywhere

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